I went to the lunch seminar yesterday. I fell for the whole deal, my fault.

What I found so disturbing was when I went to get my password and access no. There was a woman who told the man at the table that she was on disability and could not earn money. He told her "that is ok, just put it in his name, and here let him sign this form". He was really telling her to defraud the government. That was 1. a surprise, I did not know being on disability I could not earn money. 2. I could not believe what I was witnessing, and what came out of this mans mouth. I found out I could not earn more than $60 a month. I called to tell them and cancel the program and as the speaker said,when you call our number, you will get a voice in the US. The man I spoke to was in the Philippines. Who are you people really? Is this really a scam. Wonder if Medicaid would be interested in this company?

Shocked and dissapointed.


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